The King's Choice

We’ve all been there…sitting in the car, you just sparked up but all of the sudden you realize…shi*t, where did the Blunt go?! You’re left with a stinger..nothing suitable for another smoke. 

Tired of your tobacco lasting 5 maybe 10 minutes at a time? Me. Too.

Well, We’ve got you covered! Introducing The King Enhancer! Made from coconut and palm oil, this 100% natural Enhancer allows you to extend the life of your 5x while maintaining a healthy smoke sesh. Innovation at it's finest, stop using "slow burn" tobacco wraps to make your tobacco last "longer", start using natural ways to increase the burn time!

Turn a 10 minute smoke session into a 50 minute smoke session..all with the same tobacco in the same paper.

For a limited time the Enhancer will be 50% OFF, as a way of giving thanks from the LED team!

P.S! We aren't done here! We've got so much in store for you guys in 2018!

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